Future Food-Tech spoke to CRB’s Vice President, Food and Beverage, Jason Robertson to learn about their priorities in the alternative protein space, the technologies he is most excited about and why he is looking forward to joining us at Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins this June.


Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunities in the alternative protein sector? 

A: The industry is looking critically at scale-up pursuits and how to address the growing demand for these innovative products. As alternative protein products continue to gain traction and popularity, we expect to see substantial capital continue to be raised. Exciting opportunities lie ahead, indeed!


Q: Which technologies are you most excited about and what potential do they have?

A: As the alternative proteins industry further develops and matures in pursuit of a lower-cost product that can compete with traditional meat, we anticipate animal-free cell culture medium as the next exciting development.


Q: Why are you looking forward to joining us in New York at Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins?

A: I have attended Future Food-Tech events for several years and it is so impressive to see the growth of the industry reflected in the rising number of attendees each year. It is an exciting time in the alternative proteins market with so many innovative products being developed.


Q: Why is Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins an important and timely summit for the industry?

A: Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins is “the” event where the industry comes together to discuss fostering innovation, raising capital and navigating regulations. I look forward to seeing so many familiar faces in New York.