Will Patrick, CEO at Culture Biosciences is part of the esteemed advisory board for the upcoming Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins Summit in New York. We spoke to Will to hear where he sees the biggest opportunities for growth in the sector and the technologies he is most excited about.

Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunities in the alternative protein sector?
A: A key opportunity I see for the industry is to create better alternatives to traditional meat. Using precision fermentation, we can produce ingredients like animal oils, collagen, and elastin, and then mix them into plant-based alternatives to achieve the texture and taste of real meat. Although prices of plant-based meat have decreased, adoption hasn’t increased much. This tells me we need to focus on R&D to make products taste more like the real thing.

Q: Which technologies are you most excited about and what potential do they have?

A: While bio-manufactured alternative proteins are on the rise, global bio-manufacturing capacity falls 100x short of the projected demand. The question is how do we scale these products, and in a cost-effective way? With Culture’s cloud bioreactor technology, we are meeting the demand for large-scale capacity so that bio-based food like animal-free eggs and dairy can displace traditional animal products.


Q: Why are you looking forward to joining us in New York at Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins?

A: I’m excited for scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and brand leaders to come together at the summit and learn from each other so we can move the alternative protein sector forward. It’s crucial to leverage each other’s capabilities and expertise across the space to make progress.


Q: Why is Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins an important and timely summit for the industry?

A: The industry is at a key inflection point as consumers demand alternatives to traditional animal agriculture. For example, we’re already seeing market pull for animal-free dairy and egg alternatives using precision fermentation. To really make an impact, however, we need to continue innovating to make (and scale) animal-free products that consumers want to eat.

Join Will and hundreds of senior alternative protein leaders in New York at Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins. Take advantage of the super early bird rate and look forward to the global gathering on June 21-22.

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