MarqMetrix, a leading provider of Raman spectroscopy solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, and emerging industrial fermentation market, announces the launch of its new Single-Use BioReactor BallProbeâ. Designed to protect high-value batches from contamination, the Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe provides accurate and repeatable Raman measurement of liquids and solids without compromising the batch’s purity.

The introduction of the Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe comes in response to the increasing implementation of single-use solutions in the biopharmaceutical industry and growing customer demand for solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize contamination risks.

According to Brian Marquardt, MarqMetrix’s founder and CEO, “The Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe is not only an essential tool for ensuring batch purity, but it also saves time and money by eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive cleaning and validation procedures. By providing end-users with confidence in the safety and purity of their end product, the Single-Use BioReactorisingle BallProbe adds significant value to the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing process.”

Made from sanitary finished (15Ra) 316 stainless steel and high-purity sapphire optics, the Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe is engineered to meet the requirements of the bioprocessing industry. The probe is packaged in tear away bags, making it easy to sterilize via autoclave, EtO, or integrated into larger single-use systems and gamma sterilized (40mGy). Once the process is complete, the probe can be disposed of to ensure batch purity.

The Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe is compatible with standard Pg13.5 ports and matches the industry standard design of dissolved oxygen (DO) bioprocess probes, with 12mm diameter and 220mm or 120mm immersion lengths. The standard configuration includes a welded flange that prevents the probe from backing out of the port. Integrators can also customize the probe to suit their unique requirements.

The Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe is easily coupled to the MarqMetrix FiberHeadSU – the fiber optic interface to the MarqMetrix All-In-One Raman analyzer. The newly designed FiberHeadSU has a proprietary fitting that makes securely attaching and detaching the Single-Use BallProbe a breeze. End users must have a FiberHeadSU to use Single-Use BallProbes (standard FiberHeads can be converted to the FiberHeadSU model).

About MarqMetrix
MarqMetrix’s solutions are at the forefront of enabling accurate and efficient measurements for a wide array of industries, including the new economy, such as carbon capture, hydrogen fuel cells, and alternative meat production. By utilizing the power of Raman spectroscopy, MarqMetrix’s solutions provide precise, non-destructive, and non-invasive measurements of chemical properties, allowing end-users to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. These capabilities are critical for success in today’s highly competitive global marketplace, whether it’s measuring the purity of a high-value batch, optimizing a chemical process, or ensuring the safety of a product.


MarqMetrix is an exhibitor at the Future Food-Tech Alternative Proteins in New York, this June 27-28.