Attendance coincides with company’s expanding U.S. presence as alternative proteins become fastest growing segment for bioreactor systems

Porto Mantovano, Italy, 20 June 2022 – Solaris Biotech, a leading innovator and manufacturer of bioreactors,  fermenters, and tangential flow filtration systems that enables technology for a variety of applications across food, beverage and biopharmaceutical applications will atttend the Alternative Proteins Summit June 21-22 as Official Partner.

Matteo Brognoli, managing director of Solaris Biotech, says: “We are expanding further into the U.S. because it is at the forefront of food innovation and we are uniquely positioned to play a significant role in the advancement of new cultured food technologies. As an official partner of the Future Food Tech summit in New York, we can build awareness of our full scope of products and capabilities that help cultivated food protein companies develop and scale their businesses. In addition, we have recently opened a second showroom in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to complement our existing presence in Berkeley, California.

The new Cambridge Solaris showroom is in the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) located in Kendall Square. The location was chosen, in part, due to Solaris’ 3-year history of providing the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT) with technical equipment, which is a short walking distance from the new showroom.

Food is fundamental to our existence. And with rising income levels and a multiplying global population, food demand is increasing. Fortunately, we have become better at producing large quantities of foods to meet the ever growing demand for more nutrients, including proteins. Unfortunately, though, this is not without consequences. As climate change threatens the planet, in combination with increasing awareness around health effects and animal welfare, especially among younger generations, we must find other ways to meet our food – and protein – demand in a more sustainable way.

Consumers have demonstrated a willingness to rapidly embrace new foods. The alternative proteins market has therefore also seen rapid growth, backed by strong and rising consumer demand. And this increasing demand goes beyond that of vegetarians and vegans, and is driven by a wider consumer group, “flexitarians”, which includes meat eaters. This trend is spreading quickly across the US and (Northern) Europe. Especially the younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z are a predominant force shaping this industry.

Meet Solaris executives at FFT, NYC, Booth No. 15, calling Giulia Casarini (mob. +39338629239).



Solaris Biotechnology, a Donaldson Company, was founded in 2002 and is a leader in creating biotech solutions for cGMP applications in Food & Beverage and Biopharmaceutical applications . It specializes in the construction of fermenters, bioreactors, and tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems. Its best in product development and engineering team enable Solaris to create solutions across all scales from benchtop R&D systems to complete system engineered solutions tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Solaris has its administrative and production headquarters in the province of Mantua. It has two sales and service offices in San Francisco Bay Area, California and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as a network of local representatives in more than 40 countries worldwide. Solaris assists its customers step-by-step in the design and implementation of complete process plants, from feasibility study to start-up.

In November 2021, Solaris became part of the Donaldson Company headquartered in Bloomington, MN.

The company exports bioreactors and fermenters worldwide and ranks among the industry leaders. Biotechnology is a constantly growing field whose applications impact all aspects of daily life, from drugs to cosmetics, from wines to agriculture.